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September 2016

We are pleased to welcome Sarah Beth Hernández Huot as Associate Attorney with Jessica Jensen Law PS.

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We Are Pleased to welcome David Sisk as Associate Attorney with Jessica Jensen Law PS.

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November 2015

We are pleased to welcome Nick Milner as Associate Attorney with Jessica Jensen Law PS.

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August 2015

Public-Agency Trade-Secret” is an Oxymoron under the WA Public Records Act – this Principle Validated in Major Settlement Victory.

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Jessica Jensen Presenting "Drafting Effective Wills & Trusts", an NBI Seminar
December 19, 2012
Governor Hotel, Olympia, WA 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM


And the Boss of the Year winners are....
(The Olympian - December 4, 2012)
Lacey Fire District 3 Chief Steve Brooks, Thurston County Boys & Girls Club Chief Executive Joe Ingoglia and Attorney Jessica Jensen have won Boss of the Year designations, a program created by the Thurston County Chamber and Express Employment Professionals, a staffing agency.

Thurston County Chamber Announces Boss of the Year Recipients
( December 4, 2012)
The third annual Boss of the Year designations is the featured program of the December 12 Thurston County Chamber monthly Forum, in partnership with Express Employment Professionals, we will recognize Steve Brooks, Fire Chief – Lacey Fire District Three, Joe Ingoglia, CEO – Boys & Girls Club of Thurston County, and Jessica Jensen, Attorney at Law – Jessica Jensen Law PS.

My ELECTRIC vehicle journal: Driving from Olympia to Seattle November 12, 2012)
In my first installment of the EV Journal I introduced you to my all-electric Nisan Leaf, which I have (appropriately) named "Leif". This installment will focus on charging stations and how I'm learning to plan for long-distance driving, including round-trips to Seattle...

I have to work until WHEN?.... Business Transition Seminar Slated for October 25th
( - October 19, 2012)
Most business owners don’t plan on working forever, but some of us work our business longer than we’d like to because we don’t have a plan in place for how to transition out of it. ...The key is that you get clear about what it is you want to do, and then take it one step at a time.

My First Year ELECTRIC...A look at my first year in my Electric Vehicle
( - August 2, 2012)
I usually write about law but occasionally you’ll find me writing about other topics (like my house fire this winter). This is the first installment in a series I am calling the EV Journal, “EV” meaning my electric vehicle.

A common question I am asked about rental property is how to handle a situation where a tenant wants to buy the property but can’t get a loan or doesn’t have a large enough down payment to be able to purchase the property outright. There are three options.

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors.

( - April 11, 2012)
Spring is a great time for outdoor projects, like replacing an old fence or putting up a new one. A new fence is a beautiful thing. It is also the greatest source of boundary disputes and ruined relationships with neighbors. Every spring I am consulted by people who have started to take a fence down or put one up only to have a neighbor come completely unglued...

Are The Benefits Of A Living Trust Worth The Expense And Hassle Of Creating One?
( - March 1, 2012)
Let’s start by getting clear on what a trust is. A trust is a written document where one person (the settlor) gives another person (the trustee) certain assets (money, real estate, vehicles – whatever) to manage for the benefit of another person (beneficiary). We use the word trust to refer to both the document that created the trust and also sometimes the accounts where trust funds are held.

Choosing the Right Contractor Makes All the Difference.
( - February 17, 2012)
Whether you are dealing with storm damage or planning a house project, choosing the right contractor for your job is critical. Here are some tips based on my own experience and the experience of my clients over the years:  1. Get as clear as you can about the work you want done. Are you looking for someone to completely re-do your kitchen or just replace your cabinetry? Do you prefer those downed tree branches to be cut up and taken away or chipped on site for use in your garden? Do you want to do some of the work yourself?

Mitigating Risk in your Health and Wellness Practice
Jessica Jensen will be speaking at the February General Meeting of Puget Sound Wellness Association.  Jessica will address a plethora of risk management and litigation prevention issues that health care providers face, and will provide advice on how to mitigate that risk and prevent unnecessary exposure.  Fred Klemmer of Radical Wellness will contribute as well.

WHEN:  Tuesday, February 28th, 2012, 5:30 - 7:00 PM

Tumwater Timberline Library Meeting Room
7023 New Market Street
Tumwater, WA  98501-6563

Do You Really Need a Will?
( - February 9, 2012)
A Will (also called a Last Will and Testament) is a legal document that identifies who will manage your assets when you die and directs who you want to have your assets. What I mean by “assets” is all of your property – your home and other real estate, vehicles, bank, investment and retirement accounts, stocks and bonds, household furniture and furnishings and personal belongings. Did you know that state law will govern what happens to your assets if you don’t have a Will?

Jessica Jensen Law PS awarded 2011 WorkWell Healthy Workplace Program Gold Level Employer Designation by Thurston County Chamber of Commerce!
Thurston County Chamber of Commerce - February 8, 2012

Tips for a Successful Insurance Claim
( - February 2, 2012)
By: Jessica Jensen As an attorney, I’ve worked with countless insurance companies and adjusters on a variety of issues – from personal injury claims to title claims to property damage claims. My recent house fire gave me an opportunity to work with my own insurance company and adjuster from the perspective of a consumer...

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Jessica Jensen to Speak at Local Energy Convergence January 30, 2012. Learn more about the event here.( – January 24, 2012)
By Ramsey Zimmerman on Monday January 30th, two concepts converge: "local" and "engergy".  If you want to save energy and save money at home, in your business, or in the way that you buy stuff, or if you just want to enjoy a good time with friends, good, drinks, fun, art and music, come out ....

Never Leave A Lit Candle Unattended: An Adventure Story From The Great Winter Storm Of 2012 ( January 23, 2012)
( January 23, 2012)
An Adventure Story from the Great Winter Storm of 2012 We all know the admonition – never leave a lit candle unattended. Well I did and here’s what happened. But first the back story. I come from back East where severe winter snow storms are the norm. In rural upper New England where I lived...

Jessica Jensen Law Of Olympia: Doing Things Differently, Holistically, Collaboratively ( – January 4, 2012)
( – January 4, 2012)
Olympia attorney Jessica Jensen fell into law accidentally. A musician from back East, she worked as an executive secretary whenever the music gigs dried up. While working at a law firm that she didn't much like, Jensen discovered that she did like the law. "Then every band I ever touched went to hell." she says...


Jensen Kokis Erwin is now Jessica Jensen Law PS.

We are pleased to announce that our very own Jessica Jensen has become the Thurston County Chamber Board Chair. Her passion is promoting Green Business in Thurston County. Our firm supports her dream and looks forward to an exciting year deepening our relationship with our Chamber and our community.