Family Law


We counsel clients on the legal and emotional issues that arise in family relationships.  Our goal is to educate so you can make the best possible decision for yourself and your family.

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No one chooses to divorce or legally separate lightly. We counsel clients on the legal and emotional issues that arise during divorce. We know how difficult it is to address these issues. We understand that a divorce or separation is a life changing event. We strive to help our clients resolve their legal issues while creating a new and positive future. Our goal is to inform our clients about the law so that they can use the law to create the best possible future for themselves.





No one chooses to divorce lightly.  We help you achieve a fair result so you can move on with grace and dignity.

Legal Separations
Sometimes a break is needed to see if a relationship can be saved.  Or practical considerations such as maintaining health insurance or preserving a home might dictate a separation rather than divorce.

Child Support
We help our clients ensure both parents share the cost of raising children.

Parenting Plans
We achieve agreements that are workable and lasting.


Domestic Partnerships

Whether gay or straight, we help you embrace your next relationship with your financial house in order.

Enforcement Actions
Our focus is not on the fight but on finding solutions that allow our clients to move on with the joy of living.

We help you maneuver through the red tape necessary to welcome a child into your loving arms.

Nonparental Actions
Sometimes a family member has no choice but to intervene in the parent-child relationship to help a child in need.  We help you make the best choice for you, the child and the parents.

Prenuptial and Cohabitation agreements
You and your partner have worked hard for what you have.  Loving someone includes respecting what’s yours and what’s theirs.  We develop clear agreements about who owns what to alleviate confusion.