Personal Injury

When you have suffered an injury caused by another person, you need good advice and legal representation. We handle a wide variety of personal injury and property damage matters, including motor vehicle accidents, premises liability [slip-n-fall], insurance disputes, trespass and nuisance claims.
We know the multitude of issues confronting accident victims and we are here to help you when help is most necessary. Our initial consultation is without charge.
We carefully select the personal injury and property damages cases we accept. When possible, we try to reach settlement without court action. 

Things to do

1. Treat your injuries. Your health and well-being should be your primary concern. Be sure to follow your physicians’ advice at all times. Don’t forgo any treatment. You will not be compensated for skipping recommended treatments. Taking a stoic position and trying to “tough it out” will not help you get well and it wont be compensable in a future claim.
2. Track all expenses and keep all receipts related to the injury.

3. Keep track of mileage to and from all appointments related to the injury.

If you are self-employed and someone else absorbs your work load following your injury, you won’t be able to show a financial loss unless your business taxes show a loss in profits for that period of time. If you must be away from work, consider replacing your position with a paid temporary employee whose wages can be part of a future claim.